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What Does Google Say About You ?

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With over 1 Billion names Googled everyday, you can be assured that your name has been Googled, your name is Googled and your name will be Googled. Google has become the first-place people look to build an opinion about you.

Whether it is a recruiter, a partner, a client, your employer, maybe a colleague or even a friend. Your personal search results can dramatically affect your career and relationships from who you are friend with to who you do business with.

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Who We Are

The Power of First Impressions Online

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Hiring Managers
Google candidates’
name before hiring

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People Google someone new they are about to meet

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Company’s reputation is influenced by its Executives

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People decided not to do business with someone based on their Google results

How NaheedNaim Works ?

NaheedNaim offers Smart Personal Branding & Online Presence services for Individuals and for Corporates willing to brand their leaders.

Assess your Online Personal Brand

NaheedNaim software scans your Google results and measures your online performance.

Improve Your Online Performance

NaheedNaim advise you on how to improve your online performance and ranking.

Rank High & Grow your Visibility

NaheedNaim builds a powerful personal hub for you, and improve your Google ranking.

Measure Your Progress

NaheedNaim provides you with analytic reports to keep track on your progress.

Smart Personal Branding Solutions

NaheedNaim successfully solves major challenges when it comes to Personal Branding & Online Performance – saving your time, efforts and money.


We execute for you – building powerful online property.


We optimize what Google says
about you.


We grow your online
performance & ranking.

Want To Improve Your Online Performance ?

You are a business person – executive, entrepreneur, consultant, speaker – you are a health specialist, an athlete, an artist; or you are a corporate willing to empower your executives and position them as “thought leaders” in their industry ? Request your free meeting now !



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